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Freshwater Algae Identification - 2023

A Field Course at Fordham University

May 22 through June 2, 2023!

  • Our course focuses on algal identification, with a strong emphasis on the ecology and diversity of algae in freshwater habitats, and introduces the use of algae to assess water quality.

  • We will sample pristine streams for benthic periphyton, softwater lakes for charophytes, and eutrophic systems in which we will see spectacular cyanobacteria blooms.

  • We are located in Westchester County NY.  The station has a spring-fed lake and is short distance from a diverse range of aquatic habitats.  We have an excellent library of taxonomic keys, facilities for imaging specimens, boats and a wide array of field and laboratory gear for collecting and quantifying freshwater phytoplankton and periphyton. 

  • Housing on site will be available on a first-come first-served basis, and can be requested at application

What we will do this year!

  • Gain proficiency using modern taxonomic keys.

  • Learn the features that distinguish the freshwater algal phyla and genera, and gain familiarity with the diagnostic features that are used to identify members of the major groups.

  • Create a database and contribute to our website of high-resolution algal images and voucher specimens that can be used in future studies.  See 

  • Algae Bio-Blitz: a 24-hour hunt to find the most biodiversity!


Costs and Registration

• Registration Fee: $1,800.  Cost includes on-site housing (limited number).  Meals not provided

• Transportation costs to and from the Calder Center are not included.

Register at:

More information, contact: John Wehr ( or Alissa Perrone

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